What are the advantages of metal passivation treatment?

Passivation treatment is an important process in metal processing that enhances corrosion resistance without altering the metal's inherent properties. This is one of the reasons why many businesses choose passivation.

Compared to traditional physical sealing methods, passivated materials do not increase the thickness of the workpiece or change its color. This improves product precision and added value, making the process more convenient.

What are the advantages of metal passivation treatment?

Since the passivation process is non-reactive, the passivation solution can be added repeatedly, resulting in longer life and more economical costs.

Passivation promotes the formation of a passive film on the metal surface with a dense molecular structure that offers stability and corrosion resistance. Moreover, this film has self-repairing properties in the presence of air. Therefore, compared to traditional methods like rust-proof coatings, passivation forms a more stable and corrosion-resistant passive film.

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Post time: Oct-31-2023