Advantages of Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation Solution

In the vast majority of cases, stainless steel products require welding operations.
However, after welding, stains such as weld spots and high-temperature oxidized skin will remain on the surface of stainless steel.

Weld spots on the welded mouth, the color difference is large, no stainless steel original luster, the aesthetic appearance of the product caused a heavy blow.

Stainless steel pickling process, is a very important step after the processing of stainless steel, pickling solution quality, directly affect the quality of stainless steel products.

Stainless steel pickling passivation solution, can effectively clean the stainless steel surface weld and other surface treatment produced by the black oxide skin, rust spots.

Nowadays, stainless steel pickling passivation liquid in the field of stainless steel castings, welding parts cleaning, has been widely used.

Advantages of stainless steel pickling passivation solution, suitable for forming, assembling, welding and other processes generated by the removal of rust, weld spots, oil, black and yellow oxide skin, and at the same time, the stainless steel workpiece for a comprehensive passivation, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel workpiece.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation Solution
After the stainless steel pickling passivation solution treated stainless steel workpiece surface will get a beautiful silver-white passivation film, really achieve pickling, passivation two-in-one effect.

Post time: May-07-2024