Surface pretreatment before metal passivation treatment

The surface condition and cleanliness of the substrate before the metal passivation treatment will directly impact the quality of the passivation layer. The surface of the substrate is generally covered with an oxide layer, adsorption layer, and adhering pollutants such as oil and rust. If these cannot be effectively removed, it will directly affect the bonding strength between the passivation layer and the substrate, as well as the crystalline size, density, appearance color, and smoothness of the passivation layer. This may lead to defects such as bubbling, peeling, or flaking in the passivation layer, preventing the formation of a smooth and bright passivation layer with good adhesion to the substrate. Obtaining a clean pre-processed surface through surface pre-treatment is a prerequisite for forming various passivation layers firmly bonded to the substrate.

Post time: Jan-30-2024