Alkaline Rust Removal Agent rust inhibitor


The product is strong alkaline and applicable to rust removal of steel, stainless steel and electroplating appliance. One of its features is no damage to surface brightness.

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Alkaline Rust Removal Agent

Silane Coupling Agents For Aluminum



Product Name : Environmental friendly
alkaline rust remover

Packing Specs : 25KG/Drum

PHValue : 12~14

Specific Gravity : 1.23土0.03

Dilution Ratio : Undeluted solution

Solubility in water : All dissolved

Storage : Ventilated and dry place

Shelf Life: 12 months

Alkaline Rust Removal Agent
Alkaline Rust Removal Agent



Alkaline Rust Removal Agent

Model Number:


Brand Name:

EST Chemical Group

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China


Transparent colorless liquid



Mode of Operation:


Immersion Time:

5~15 mins

Operating Temperature:


Hazardous Chemicals:


Grade Standard:

Industrial grade


Q1: What’s your company’s core bussiness?

A1: EST Chemical Group, founded in 2008, is a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the research, manufacture and sales of rust remover, passivation agent and electrolytic polishing liquid. We aim to provide better service and cost-effective products to global cooperative enterprises.

Q2: After pickling passivation, will not affect the performance of the product, and can promote the corrosion resistance of the product?

A: After pickling passivation, the oxides of the product‘s surface will be removed, and the products surface will become well-distributed silver white or matte color. And form a  uniform and compact、complete passivation membrane on the product surface, thus to promote the anti-rust  performance of the product.

Q:What issues need to attention in pickling passivation process?

A: If there is a serious dirt surface, need to clean dirt before pickling passivation. After pickling passivation need to use alkali or sodium carbonate solution to neutralizes the acid which remain the work-piece surface

Q. What is the main components of the passivation film? How thick of passivation membrane change the material composition?Affect the use of the product properties (electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, etc.)?

A: Strictly speaking,Passivation membrane is not form a new material,the main ingredients is original composition of stainless steel,through the micro chemical reaction of passivation,We only changed the metal chemical lively property of material surface.Turned the chemical active metal surfaces into chemical inert metal surface (is chromium oxide and nickel oxide combination together)

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