Chromium-Free Passivation Agent For Aluminum


The product is applicable to passivation treatment of various aluminum alloys and die casting aluminum to improve the ability of neutral salt spray resistance test (200H) and alkali titration resistance (25s). Its performance’s slightly better than similar products of Chemetall and Henkel.

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Anti-Tarnish Agent For Copper [KM0423]


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Chromium-free aluminum passivators are compounds that can be used to treat aluminum surfaces to improve their corrosion resistance without the use of toxic hexavalent chromium. The role of the chromium-free passivator is to form a thin protective layer on the surface of the aluminum substrate to prevent corrosion and oxidation, thereby prolonging the service life of the aluminum material.

When selecting a chromium-free passivator for aluminum, it is critical to consider factors such as the type of aluminum substrate, exposure conditions, and application requirements. Proper surface preparation and application are also essential to ensure effective corrosion protection.


Product Name : Chromium free passivation
solution for aluminum
Packing Specs : 25KG/Drum
PHValue : 4.0~4.8 Specific Gravity : 1.02士0.03
Dilution Ratio : 1: 9 Solubility in water : All dissolved
Storage : Ventilated and dry place Shelf Life: 12 months


Chromium-Free Passivation Agent For Aluminum

Model Number:


Brand Name:

EST Chemical Group

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China


Transparent colorless liquid



Mode of Operation:


Immersion Time:

10 mins

Operating Temperature:

Normal temperature/20~30℃

Hazardous Chemicals:


Grade Standard:

Industrial grade


Q:The products need to clean the surface oil and dirt before passivation
A:Because the product in the process of machining( wire drawing, polishing, etc.),some oil and dirt adhere on the products surface. Must clean this smudginess before passivation, because of this smudginess in the product surface will be prevents passivation liquid contact reaction, and will be affect the appearance of the passivation effect and product quality.
Q: The products when to need adopt pickling passivation craft?
A: Products in the process of welding and heat treatment(In order to increase the products hardness , such as the heat treatment process of martensitic stainless steel).Because of the product surface will form black or yellow oxides on the high temperature condition, This oxides will affect the appearance of the product quality, so must remove the surface oxides.

Q: Electrolytic polishing have what advantages relative to the mechanical polishing,
A: Can be mass production, differ from artificial mechanical polishing, just only polishing one after another. Operating time is short,high production efficiency. The cost is low. After electrolysis, surface dirt easy to cleaning, it’s difference from artificial mechanical polishing, there will be a layer of polishing wax on the product surface, it’s not easy to cleaning. Can be achieve mirror luster effect, and form corrosion resistance passivation membrane. Can effectively improve the anti-rust performance of the product

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