Common Metal Polishing Methods

1. Mechanical Polishing

Mechanical polishing is to rely on cutting, plastic deformation of the surface of the material to remove the convex part of the polished surface and get a smooth surface polishing method, generally using oil stone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc., mainly hand-operated, special parts, such as rotary body surface, you can use the rotary table and other auxiliary tools, the surface quality of the requirements of the high surface can be used in the method of ultra-precision research and polishing.

2. Chemical Polishing

Chemical polishing is to let the material in the chemical medium in the surface microscopic convex part of the concave part of the priority of the dissolution, so as to get a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complex equipment, can be polished complex shape of the workpiece, can be polished at the same time a lot of workpieces, high efficiency. The core problem of chemical polishing is the preparation of polishing solution.

3. Electrolytic Polishing

Electrolytic polishing basic principles and chemical polishing, that is, by selective dissolution of the material surface tiny protruding parts, so that the surface is smooth. Compared with chemical polishing, can eliminate the influence of cathodic reaction, the effect is better.

4.Ultrasonic Polishing

Put the workpiece into the abrasive suspension and put together in the ultrasonic field, relying on the oscillation of ultrasonic waves, so that the abrasive in the workpiece surface grinding and polishing. Ultrasonic processing macro force is small, will not cause deformation of the workpiece, but the production and installation of equipment is more difficult.

5. Fluid Polishing

Fluid polishing is to rely on high-speed flow of liquid and the abrasive particles carried by the workpiece surface to achieve the purpose of polishing. Commonly used methods are: abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, hydrodynamic grinding.

6.Magnetic Grinding Polishing

Magnetic grinding polishing is the use of magnetic abrasives in the magnetic field under the action of the formation of abrasive brushes, grinding and processing of the workpiece. This method has high processing efficiency, good quality, easy to control processing conditions, good working conditions.


Post time: Apr-22-2024