Stainless Steel Pickling Fluid to Remove Rust Weld Spots


The product is applicable to rust and welding spot removal of SUS300,SUS400 and SUS200 materials while preserving the original color.Perfect choice for replacing manual polishing and maintaining original color.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Alkaline Rust Removal Agent

Silane Coupling Agents For Aluminum




Shipping method

Sample are shipped by air, containers are shipped by sea


Packing method

Plastic drum






Alipay, Western Union, T/T

Product Name : Stainless steel color

preservation acid cleaner

Packing Specs : 25KG/Drum


PHValue : <1

Specific Gravity : 1.11土0.05


Dilution Ratio : Undeluted solution

Solubility in water : All dissolved


Storage : Ventilated and dry place

Shelf Life: 12 months



Q1: What’s your company’s core bussiness?

A1: EST Chemical Group, founded in 2008, is a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the research, manufacture and sales of rust remover, passivation agent and electrolytic polishing liquid. We aim to provide better service and cost-effective products to global cooperative enterprises.

Q2: Why choose us?

A2: EST Chemical Group has been focusing on the industry for more than 10 years. Our company is leading the world in the fields of metal passivation, rust remover and electrolytic polishing liquid with a large research & development center. We provide environmentally friendly products with simple operation procedures and guaranteed after-sale service to the world.

Q3: How do you guarantee the quality?

A3: Always provide pre-production samples before mass production and conduct final inspection before shipment.

Q4: What service can you provide?

A4: Professional operation guidance and 7/24 after-sale service.

Steel pickling solutions are commonly used to remove surface rust and scale from steel surfaces. However, it is generally not recommended as a stand-alone rust remover. Steel pickling solutions are primarily used to clean and prepare steel surfaces for subsequent metal finishing processes.

Always wear proper safety equipment, including gloves and goggles, when using any rust remover or cleaner. Also, make sure to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​the steel surface before applying the product to the entire affected area. This will help ensure that the rust remover chosen is compatible with your particular steel and will not cause any accidental damage.

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