How to clean and maintain stainless steel products in daily life?

Speaking of stainless steel, it is an anti-rust material, which is harder than ordinary products and can be used for a long time. With the changes in life and the advancement of technology, people began to use stainless steel in different fields. Although stainless steel will last longer, we still need to clean it after using it for a long time. If we use it after a rest, it will last longer. In life, we also need to maintain stainless steel items, otherwise they will rust. Having said so much, do you know how to clean it? What kind of maintenance? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, I can tell you below.

1. How to clean stainless steel items?

In our daily life, we also need to clean stainless steel items. After cleaning, they will look brand new, which is much easier to wash than those made of glass or iron. The choice is actually very simple, you can look at the material characteristics of the product, and choose cleaning products according to the characteristics of the product.

For example, the stainless steel basins we use in our daily life are made of stainless steel on the surface and inner material. The texture of the basin is very thick. steel. Moreover, the surface layer has also undergone a long process of craftsmanship to prevent corrosion. Because its surface is not easy to corrode, can withstand friction, and is easy to clean, the dirty things can be cleaned with ordinary soap, and the washbasin becomes a new basin.

The unique properties of stainless steel have a sense of design of scientists, which makes the items we buy more decorative. And when we buy in life, we can choose some stainless steel items with exquisite appearance, which not only has its characteristics, but also makes the interior more decorative, so that our hearts can be relaxed.

2. How to maintain stainless steel items?

1. Wool panel surface

For such items, we can remove the outer plastic first, we can put a few drops of detergent on the loofah cloth, wipe it, and wipe the panel after wiping to prevent moisture from corroding it.

2. Mirror panel steel

Do not rub with sharp or rough things on the surface of the steel plate to prevent scratches. We can use a soft towel, add water and detergent, wipe it gently, and finally clean up the water.

3. Precautions for stainless steel tableware in life

1. Do not place seasonings with electrolytes for a long time

Do not place corrosive items on the stainless steel material for a long time, such as salt, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. That’s because these daily seasonings contain electrolytes. If they are placed in stainless steel containers for a long time, these things will corrode stainless steel items, so everyone should pay attention to this aspect.

2. Stainless steel containers cannot be used for decoction

There are some alkaline ingredients and organic acids in the traditional Chinese medicine we eat. These ingredients will react with the utensils after heating, which will not only affect the original medicine, but also produce toxic ingredients if used for a long time, which is not good for us. of good health.

3. Do not produce chemical reactions

The containers we use in daily life cannot chemically react with alkaline or acidic substances, such as baking soda, bleaching powder, etc. If these items are used to clean daily utensils, they will rust or oxidize after a long time.

Post time: Jun-08-2023