Precautions for Pickling Treatment of Stainless Steel Precision Shafts

A certain hardware company purchased our stainless steel pickling and passivation solution, and after successful initial samples, they promptly bought the solution. However, after some time, the product's performance deteriorated and couldn't meet the standards achieved during the initial trial.

What could be the issue?

After observing the customer's workflow, our technician finally identified the root causes.

Firstly: Too many products were processed. Workers were using a 1:1 ratio of products to pickling and passivation solution, and the solution couldn't fully immerse all the stainless steel products. The customer intended to reduce costs but inadvertently increased consumption.

Why is this the case?

The reason is that when too many products are processed, the reaction with the stainless steel pickling and passivation solution becomes more intense, causing the solution's activity to quickly diminish. This turns our solution into a one-time use product. If there's more solution and fewer products, the operating environment is more favorable, with less intense reactions. Additionally, the solution can genuinely be reused, and by supplementing or adding our pickling additive 4000B, it can better maintain the pickling and passivation solution, extending its usage time.

Secondly: Incorrect immersion method. Placing all the products horizontally and overlapping too much prevents gas from escaping, resulting in poor effectiveness on the overlapping surfaces, and bubbles affecting the appearance. The corrective measure is to immerse the products vertically, hanging them with a small hole above for gas to escape. This prevents surface overlap, and gas can easily escape.

Precautions for Pickling Treatment of Stainless Steel Precision Shafts

Through this customer case, we can see that even with the simplest processes, we need to approach problems scientifically and with a balanced perspective. Only then can we effectively solve customer issues and provide excellent service.

Post time: Dec-29-2023